(Noun) Māori ; FIRE   |   Pronounced "AH - HEE"
— Inspired by the Hottest —



Our Story

Born and raised in Rotorua, New Zealand, we set our sights on moving to Australia to chase opportunities our beautiful little country couldn't offer at the time. Now after 10+ years of residing in Australia, home has been calling us. Not just for our whānau / friends, but our land, our way of life, our kai, our culture.
We'll forever be grateful for what Australia has gifted us with, but it’s true when they say, “There’s no place like home.”


Our Journey

AHI launched the year the global pandemic struck. And like many others, took away access to visit home / whānau, as tough and testing as it was, it helped us to focus on what was really important, starving any distractions and feeding that focus to evolve AHI into it's full potential, building it to be more than just a business - but a brand, a lifestyle.
Dropping the first release of Tino jackets not only created something for AHI to be known for, but a vision of what we wanted to represent.
 We’ve had the privilege to connect amongst some of the most amazingly talented, like-minded artists / entrepreneurs / influencers and had the honour to collaborate, donate, fundraise and host giveaways alongside with. 
Supporting other Māori owned businesses has been an important part of our journey to give back and help build others around us. 



Our Aim 

We both come from big families and are a large whānau ourselves, so we understand the kete bag can get tight, so without cutting on quality - we’re bridging the gap to bring style with affordability, and to cater to a wider range of ages, sizes, shapes and heights.
 We are a family-based business, which means we’re family first before anything else. 9 - 5pm business days do not exist in our whare. Some days the hours can be fewer, other days they may be longer, most of our weekends we dedicate to our kids and their sports / commitments, and at times the late night hours crawl into the early morning sunrises before a wink of sleep is made. The aroha we put into our family - is the aroha we put into our business, because the time / energy spent away from our children is the time / energy we use to put into building AHI. So when you shop with us you’re not only supporting our small business - you’re also supporting our whānau and the dedication we put into keeping our kaupapa alive. And for that - we are truly grateful. So on behalf of me and my whānau,
Ngā mihi nui / Thank you so much.


Aroha nui,
Cole, Jay & Whānau




- T I N O   R A N G A T I R A T A N G A -
Our Culture ~ Our Pride



The Tino Rangatiratanga Flag is used to represent and unite all Māori people. Symbolising absolute sovereignty. It represents the balance of natural forces with each other.
“ To live life is to live with nature. To appreciate life is to understand nature. ”
BLACK represents Te KoreKore (the realm of potential being). It thus symbolises the long darkness from which the earth emerged, as well as signifying Rangi - the heavens, a male, formless, floating, passive force.
RED represents Te Whei Ao (coming into being). It symbolises Papatuanuku, the earth-mother, the sustainer of all living things, and thus both the land and active forces.
WHITE represents Te Ao Marama (the realm of being and light). It symbolises the physical world, purity, harmony, enlightenment and balance.
THE KORU symbolic of a curling fern frond, represents the unfolding of new life, hope for the future and the process of renewal.
As a whole, the design represents the balance of the forces of nature, masculine and feminine, active and passive, potential and physical, air and earth.


Our respect and acknowledgement goes to the Designers of the Māori flag:
Hiraina Marsden
Jan Smith
Linda Munn
All who have put their hard work and dedication into this beautiful design.




  ~ We pay our respects to our Tūpuna / Ancestors and Elders past and present, who paved the way for us, our culture, our people. ~




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